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The RuleRule of Law of Law


The traditional legal concept, dating back as far as Aristotle, that we  live under a set of predetermined rules rather than the arbitrary wise  guidance of any contemporary judge, monarch or chief executive.


The Separation of PowersSeparation of Powers


Term derived by Enlightenment philosopher Charles Montesquieu, a traditional concept of liberalism where, for the sake of limiting abuse of power, the three branches of government: the executive, the legislature and the judiciary, all remain independent, possess tangible power, and are limited in their ability to appoint, or remove, any another branch.


Freedom of Choice

The right for every person who finds themselves within the legal system to maintain as much freedom of choice as practically possible:freedom of choice

  • the right to be represented by, or to represent, only those you freely agree to, rather than those forced upon you;
  • the right to another adjudicator if you believe you may become the victim of bias;
  • the right to contract, with regards to business, employment, proprietary or nuptial;
  • the right to bequeath, subject to natural obligations, your possessions to only those of your choice. 




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